Bhavan's IEDC

Bhavan's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre is an active student run cell under Bhavan's Royal Institute of Management. Bhavan’s IEDC launched on November 2020, aims to inspire, enable and explore entrepreneurship. We embrace the brimming entrepreneurial journey- starting from building an entrepreneurial friendly ecosystem in the campus to transforming innovative ideas into reality. Bhavan’s IEDC approved by the Kerala Startup Mission, points to support and empower the budding entrepreneurs through the creation and commercialization of new ideas.


  1. Promotion of innovative ideas from budding entrepreneurs.
  2. Providing assistance and support to students and other members in entrepreneurship related activities.
  3. Inculcate an entrepreneurship eco system among students, and promote innovation through students’ projects.
  4. Encouraging more women entrepreneurs.
  5. To develop and promote commercially viable innovative product and solution from the students.
  6. To promote enterprise among budding technopreneurs and thereby creating more employment opportunities
  7. To bridge the gap between Industry and Academia

Bhavan’s IEDC Head
Dr. Rajagopala Nair, Dean

Chief Executive Officer

Roshina Banu M C 

Chief Operating Officer
Alfiya Mohamed
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Chief Financial Officer
Mr Maneesh Millan


Chief Marketing Officer
Mr Vishnu S Menon


Chief Technical Officer
Ms Reeba Poulose

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Community Lead
Arun A Pai



Chief Creative Officer
Mr Raphael Jerson P B


Women Entrepreneurship Lead
Ms Malavika S Menon


  • Dr. Deepa Unnithan (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Aswathy Mohan (Assistant Professor)

EVENTS 2021-2022

23rd May 2021, The Investiture Ceremony The Investiture Ceremony of Bhavan’s IEDC was conducted for the announcement of newly elected executive council members of Bhavan’s IEDC for the academic year 2021. YouTube Link -

29th May 2021, ‘Profoundis’ from Startup to Acquisition A talk session with Jofin Joseph, founder and CEO at Totto Learning. YouTube Link -

12th June 2021, Fundamentals of Business Analytics for Entrepreneurs'' A webinar by Sreelesh Sreenivasan, Business Analytics Manager at KK Wind Solutions on the topic Fundamentals of Business Analytics for Entrepreneurs. YouTube Link -

27th June 2021, A tête-à-tête on Student business ecosystem An interactive session with two student entrepreneurs, Mr. Benley Dcruz, Founder of Startup World UK and Mr. Amruth K S, Founder of the first Student Incorporated Coir Manufacturing Industry, Inida. YouTube Link -

7th June 2021, Demystifying Blockchain A webinar by Alok K Venugopal, Blockchain Lead, Dlt Ledgers on blockchain. YouTube Link -


EVENTS 2022 – 2023

2nd July 2022, The Investiture Ceremony The Investiture Ceremony of Bhavan’s IEDC was conducted for the announcement of newly elected executive council members of Bhavan’s IEDC for the academic year 2022. YouTube Link:

12th July 2022, Entrepreneurial Talk on Crafting Start-Up Ecosystem An entrepreneurial talk session with Mr. Mr. Safeer Najumudeen co-founder and CEO of TALROP on the topic crafting start up ecosystem was conducted on 13 th July 2022.

29th and 30th August 2022, Design Thinking Workshop A workshop for the budding entrepreneurs to showcase, brainstorm ideas and to streamline the ideas hence brought out.

14th and 15th November 2022, Ideathon A platform for young entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas. YouTube Link:

17th November 2022, iTalk on Entrepreneurial Innovation A talk session with Mr Sujin Oommen Philip on the topic Entrpreneurial Innovation. A session for young budding innovators to streamline their ideas into Staart-Ups. YouTube Link:



Operations Team

  • Mr. Sanand S Unnithan (COO)
  • Ms. Dharshana V M
  • Ms. Irin Thomas
  • Ms. Alfiya
  • Mr. Fahad Bin Abdul Azeez
  • Mr. Vinu Varshith

Finance Team

  • Mr. Sebin Benny (CFO)
  • Mr. Arjun Ajikumar
  • Mr. Anstel Meltus
  • Ms. Malavika S Menon
  • Mr. Maneesh Millan
  • Mr. P K Mohammed Safwan


  • Mr. Adityan Devadas (Bhavan's IEDC Community Lead)
  • Ms. Sayoojya M M
  • Ms. Vidhya M
  • Mr. Anand Vipin
  • Ms. Liz Lal
  • Ms. Revathy Vijayan

Technical Team

  • Ms. Sahaja A R (CTO)
  • Mr. Nishanth P S
  • Ms. Anjana Menon C
  • Mr. Arun A Pai
  • Ms. Aswathy
  • Mr. Purushothama Pai

Women Entrepreneurship

  • Ms. Ruth Hannah Harshel
    (Bhavan's IEDC Women Entrepreneurship Lead)
  • Ms. Maria Jenitta V B
  • Ms. Rithu K Paul
  • Ms. Adithya V C
  • Ms. Andreena Varghese
  • Ms.Bency Jose

Marketing Team

  • Mr.Sidharth K P (CMO)
  • Ms. Erica Fernandez
  • Ms. Haripriya S
  • Ms.Adhila Amjad
  • Mr.Santhanu PU
  • Mr.Vishnu S Menon

Creative Team

  • Mr. Deepak Anand (CCO)
  • Ms. Parvathi Santhosh
  • Ms. Sethulakshmi K
  • Mr. Varghese Eldho Joy
  • Ms. Deepti Mariya
  • Mr. Muhammad M


  • Adithyan Devadas
  • Arjun Ajikumar
  • Deepak Anand
  • Devapriya Jayaraj
  • Dharshana V M
  • Erica Fernandez
  • Fasmina C K
  • Haripriya S
  • Irin Thomas
  • Jesna Abdul Jabbar
  • Lakshmi Sajeev
  • Maria Jenitta V B
  • Nanda Gopan A
  • Neethu K
  • Nishanth S
  • Parvathi Santhosh
  • Paul V Eldhose
  • Rithu K Paul
  • Ruth Hannah Harshel
  • Sahaja A R
  • Sanand Unnithan
  • Sandra Joseph
  • Sayoojya M M
  • Sebin Benny
  • Sethulekshmi K
  • Sidharth K P
  • Smrithy S Nair
  • Sneha T Santhosh
  • Sreelakshmi P T
  • Sruthymol Suresh
  • Swathy N Rajan
  • Varghese Eldo Joy
  • Vidhya M
  • Malavika S Menon
  • Vinu Varshith R
  • Parvathy PG
  • Maria Deepthy PJ
  • Reeba Paulose
  • Aswathy
  • Sreelakshmi MD
  • Revathy Vijayan
  • Anjana Menon C
  • Aditya VC
  • Indrajith KR
  • Noora Fathima P A
  • Rakesh AU
  • Liz Lal
  • Maneesh Millan
  • Abhishek S Prasad
  • Bency Jose
  • P K Mohamed Safwan
  • Roshina Banu M C
  • Rapheal Jerson PB
  • CM Faheema
  • Alka Alias
  • Adhila Amjad
  • Fahad Bin Abdul Azeez
  • Alfiya
  • Anand Vipin
  • Anstel Meltus
  • Vishnu S Menon
  • Purushotham u Pai
  • Sreelakshmi T S
  • Vyshnavi A P
  • Andreena
  • Akshaya Raj S R
  • Arun A Pai
  • Muhammed M
  • Aparna Anilkumar