The Bhavan's Advantage - Bhavan’s MBA at a Glance

The Value Building Process @ Bhavan's

To be a successful management graduate, one needs to possess the right attitude, skills and knowledge. The value building process at Bhavan's is founded on this belief. The two year programme is structured to identify the 'ASK' gaps and to address them. Here is a snapshot.

Structured Gap Analysis

Programme Schedule The Process
Pratipad Beginning of SEM 1 Induction and Assessment
Dwipad Beginning of SEM 3 Reassessment and Objective Evaluation
Milestones Faculty Mentoring Reassessment and Objective Evaluation
Bhratr Continuous Process Alumni Tutoring

The Competency Development Process

Attitude, Skill and Knowledge Domains
  • Startup Mission IEDC Centre
  • Hosting CDG - Casa De Gesto
  • ISTD Membership
Attitude and Skill Domains
  • Rotaract Membership
  • Managerial Skill Development
  • Arts Fest and Sports Fest
  • College’s Scheme of Study
Skill and knowledge Domains
  • Mandatory MOOC Course
  • Internship
Attitude & Knowledge Domains
  • Noble Thoughts
  • Corporate Interaction
  • Industrial Visits & Live Projects
  • Knowledge Domain
  • Well Designed Andragogy
  • Masterclass
  • HBR Review
Attitude Domain
  • Faculty Mentorship & Bhratr
  • Mindset Development
  • Social Outreach