The Programme has been organized in two years - Each year comprising two semesters. The list of papers offered during First year and Second year of the programme shall be as follows:


Course Code and Name of the Course     CES ESE Total
SMS2101 Management Concepts and Organisational Behaviour CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2102 Statistics for Managers CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2103 Managerial Economics CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2104 Business Communication CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2105 Financial Accounting CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2106 Business Environment CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2107 Indian Ethos and Business Ethics CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2108 IT for Business and Management CC 3 50 50 100
Managerial Skill Development NC Nil      
CC – Core Course          
EC- Elective Course          
NC – Non Credit          
CES – Continuous Evaluation System          
ESE – End Semester Examination          
Course Code and Name of the Course     CES ESE Total
SMS2201 Financial Management CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2202 Marketing Management CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2203 Operations Management CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2204 Human Resource Management CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2205 Management Accounting CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2206 Business Research Methods CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2207 Legal Aspects of Business CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2208 Innovation and Entrepreneurship CC 3 50 50 100
Managerial Skill Development NC Nil      
Course Code and Name of the Course     CES ESE Total
SMS2301 Management Science CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2302 Organisational Structure, Design and Change CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2303 Business Analytics CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2304 Summer Project Work* CC 3 50 50 100
Elective – 1 CC 3 50 50 100
Elective – 2 CC 3 50 50 100
Elective – 3 CC 3 50 50 100
Elective – 4 CC 3 50 50 100
Course Code and Name of the Course     CES ESE Total
SMS2401 Corporate Governance and Strategic Management CC 3 50 50 100
SMS2402 Environment Management CC 3 50 50 100
Elective – 5 CC 3 50 50 100
Elective – 6 CC 3 50 50 100
Elective – 7 CC 3 50 50 100

*Each student should carry out a summer project work in a company after the completion of second semester for a period of six to eight weeks. The work shall be carried out during the summer break after the second semester examination under the supervision of a guide assigned by the School. The report of the summer project must be submitted during the third semester.

*Evaluation of project work shall be made as in the other Core courses. If a candidate fails in evaluation, he/she has to complete the project work and obtain pass grade along with next batch.

Elective Papers


1. Finance Area

2. Marketing Area

3. Human Resource Management Area

4. Production and Operations Management Area

5. Information Technology Area

6. International Business Area

7. General Management Area


1. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

2. International Finance

3. Working Capital Management

4. Management of Financial Services

5. Financial Derivatives and Risk Management

6. Corporate Restructuring

7. Financial Modelling

8. Analytics for Finance

9. Behavioural Finance

10. Project Management

11. Bank Financial Management

12. Fundamentals of Insurance


1. Consumer Behaviour

2. Integrated Marketing Communication

3. E-Commerce

4. Marketing Research

5. Strategic Marketing

6. International Marketing

7. Sales Management

8. Services Marketing

9. Behavioural Finance

10. Retail Management

11. Digital Marketing

12. Customer Relationship Management

13. Marketing Analytics


1. Strategic Human Resource Management

2. Management of Industrial Relations

3. Training and Development

4. Global Human Resource Management

5. Compensation Management

6. Human Resource Planning and Development

7. Organisational Change and Development

8. Managing Interpersonal and Group Processes

9. Performance Management

10. HR Analytics


1. Supply Chain Management

2. Purchasing and Materials Management

3. Quality Management

4. International Logistics Management

5. Service Operations Management

6. Simulation and Modelling

7. Enterprise Resource Planning

8. Project Management

9. Supply Chain Analytics

10. Customer Relationship Management


1. Enterprise Resource Planning

2. Strategic Management of Information Technology

3. Data Base Management Systems

4. Business Process Reengineering

5. System Analysis and Design

6. Technical Foundation for E-Business

7. Data Mining for Business Intelligence

8. Advanced Data Analytics for Business Decisions

9. Technology Management

10. E-Commerce

11. Customer Relationship Management

12. Digital Marketing


1. International Finance

2. Supply Chain Management

3. International Logistics Management

4. Global Human Resource Management

5. International Marketing

6. Export Import Policies and Procedures

7. Enterprise Resource Planning


1. Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2. Corporate Social Responsibility

3. Management of NGOs

4. Management Consulting

Regulations Governing The MBA @ Bhavan's B - School

The course shall be called as MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION abbreviated as MBA

Duration of the Course

The MBA Course shall be of two years’ duration spread over four semesters. A candidate shall be allowed a maximum of four years of duration only to complete all the requirements for the award of MBA, failing which he/she shall have to register once again as a fresh candidate. The Calendar of events in respect of the course shall be fixed by the institute from time to time.

Attendance Requirement

Each semester of the course shall be treated as a separate unit for calculation of the attendance. A candidate shall be considered to have satisfied the attendance requirement if he/she has attended not less than eighty percent of the classes in each subject of the respective semesters (Theory, Seminars, Practical training, etc.) actually conducted up to the end of the semester. A candidate, who does not satisfy the attendance requirement, mentioned as above, shall not be eligible to appear for the Examination of that semester and shall be required to repeat that semester along with regular students later. If a candidate, for any reason, discontinues the course after the first/fourth semester he/she may be permitted to register for the second/fifth semester, after one year with the immediate subsequent batch, subject to the condition that he /she shall complete the class work and seminar including the project within the maximum stipulated period of four years from the date of commencement of the course.

Elective Subjects

Dual specialization is offered for the MBA and a student has to take a total of seven elective subjects from the two streams of specialization during the fourth and fifth semesters. The seven elective subjects selected can be a ‘Three – four’ combination from the two streams of specialization opted by the student. But in each semester a minimum of two subjects should be selected from each stream. Students can submit their option of elective subjects and finalize the same during the first year of study itself.



During the course of study, the participants will be assigned with mini projects by individual members of faculty as a part of the class assignments. During the third semester, the students are required to undertake an internship in an industrial/business establishment. While the institute will provide all assistance for the projects, the responsibility of identifying an organization and completing the project work within the stipulated time rests with the student.

The written reports of the projects duly approved by the Faculty Guide should be finally hard bound and the original and three copies should be submitted to Bhavan's B - School for evaluation. A panel of juries consisting of the internal guide and two external experts duly appointed by the university will evaluate the written report.

Evaluation of the Presentation of Project Report: The final project report will also have to be formally presented to the panel of Juries and the student should defend his / her findings and conclusions.

Eligibility For Admission

Admission for MBA course is open, to all the candidates who possess a Bachelor’s Degree of minimum three years duration recognized by any recognized University or as specified by AICTE and a valid CAT/CMAT/KMAT Score


Continuous Assessment

Each candidate shall obtain not less than fifty percent of the marks prescribed for the Continuous Assessment of each subject, including seminars. Continuous Assessment Marks shall be based on assignments/tests/oral examinations and seminar conducted in the respective subjects. The criterion for computation and award of the Continuous Assessment marks for all courses will be published in the notice board at the starting of each semester. The candidates obtaining less than fifty percent of the Continuous Assessment marks in any subject shall not be eligible to appear for the examination in that subject. As there is no other provisions to improve Continuous Assessment marks, the candidates who fail to obtain fifty percent of marks for the Continuous Assessment of any subject, have to repeat the entire course of all the subjects of that semester later along with the regular students of the subsequent batch.
The Continuous Assessment mark sheets shall bear the signature of the concerned Faculty and the Dean. The Continuous Assessment marks list shall be displayed on the Notice Board and corrections, if any, shall be incorporated preferably before the commencement of the semester examination.

Eligibility for passing

There shall be terminal examination at the end of each semester. The candidate shall obtain a minimum of fifty percent of marks for each subject in the Written Examination and a minimum of fifty percent of marks in the aggregate including the Internal Assessment marks for passing in theory subject. The minimum marks for a pass for social projects, internship projects final projects and viva-voce are also fifty percent.
There shall be no restriction for promotion from one semester to the next higher semester provided he/she has fulfilled the attendance requirement and has obtained the minimum marks prescribed for the continuous assessment for each subject.

Award of Class & Rank

The candidates, who have passed in all the subjects of first to fourth semester, the viva-voce, the social project and the project, shall be declared to have passed the MBA course.

A candidate who secures seventy percent or above marks in aggregate in first attempt shall be declared to have passed in first class with distinction.

A candidate who secures sixty percent or more marks but less than seventy percent in aggregate shall be declared to have passed in first class.

A candidate who secures fifty percent or more marks but less than sixty percent in aggregate shall be declared to have passed in second class.

The number of ranks declared at degree level shall be ten. The ranks shall be declared on the basis of the aggregate marks of all the four semesters taken together, provided the candidate has passed all the subjects in first attempt itself.