"Initially when I joined Bhavan's Royal Institute of Management in 2018, I was confused if I made a right choice. But the two years has been the answer for my question. Yes, I did, those were the most valuable years of my life, where I realised that "gaining knowledge is an endless process but shaping attitude have always been the first step towards the journey of success". Bhavan's Royal Institute of Management has given me a platform for identifying and developing my skills, my competencies and helping me to grow as a professional. It has always encouraged its students; may it be in sports or in academics or in events. It has always been successful in giving us enough exposure. The teachers and the staff of BRIM have always been supportive enough and have also guided us and made possible that our queries have been solved. I would like to thank BRIM for everything that has been provided for us to mould ourselves and helped us in our journey from being an amateur to a professional"

Ms. Lakshmi Sadanandan, Williams Lea Tag - Bhavan'