"Firstly I would like to thank our dean and all our faculty for helping me to grow and for making me what I am now. We always had the freedom to choose what interests us with the faculty always being available to mentor us and giving us the push we need. The infrastructure that has a touch of royalty itself shows the legacy of BRIM. The learning I got from there even it's theoretical or practical it always helped me to go forward in my life. People coming from industry really made a big difference, because they were sharing real life experiences, and I think it is critical for a management student. The cultural activities and the workshops held by various clubs was another highlight which we all looked forward to, where the responsibility from planning to execution was thrust upon our shoulders fostering very important people skills. My takeaway is huge bunch of memories and a great deal of learning along with my people who turned out to my family"

Ms. Sreelakshmi V, Alight NGA HR - Bhavan's MBA 20